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 ...a perfectly cheeky, high-octane...piece that became increasingly fun to watch as it progressed...

Stewardship Report: Connecting Goodness

One for the Ladies; inQuad at Dixon Place by: Courtney Escoyne

Courtney Escoyne is an assistant editor and contributor at Dance Magazine. A recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts Department of Dance, her writing can also be read in Pointe and on her blog, Thoughts From a Ballet Nerd.



“You are worthy.”

The Huffington Post 

Lady Quad Rocks the Casbah: inQuad Review by: Juan Michael Porter II

Juan Michael Porter II is a dancer, writer, and producer whose work has taken him all over the world. He writes and creates with a focus on engaging, entertaining, and educating the reader without being a prick about it. In addition to covering dance, art, and theatre for The Huffington Post, Dance Enthusiast, and Broadway World, he is also the award-winning playwright of "Whore Works".